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Infos zur BIZ
Infos zur BIZ
Anja Jun 14, 2022 2:47:29 PM 1 min read

5 Fragen an Event Up

Wir haben bei Bartek Girgus von Event Up nachgefragt. Er ist Project Manager von der polnischen Eventagentur Event Up. Wir freuen uns sehr, Sie erstmalig bei der BIZ 2022 als Aussteller begrüßen zu dürfen. 

Event Up


Event Up ist eine Eventagentur in der Region Malopolska in Polen. Jedes der Event Up Group Mitglieder verfügt über viel Erfahrung, bietet ein erstklassiges Service und viel Kreativität um Ihr Event von A-Z zu planen, umzusetzen und für Ihre unvergesslich zu machen. 




Interview with Bartek Girgus from Event up 



What is special about your company?

Bartek Girgus: Event Up is more of a project bringing together a variety of companies in the events industry, based in Malopolska region, Poland. Each member of the Event Up collective distinguishes itself by experience, high-quality service, and creativity. A comprehensive offer takes advantage of the synergy effect, as well as increase the potential of the group in terms of promotional activities.


What are you looking forward this year now that events, meetings and business traveling is possible again?

Bartek Girgus: We constantly looking for more business opportunities and new places for showcasing our capabilities.


How would you describe you and your company with with three hashtags #?

Bartek Girgus:

#quality #creativity #flexibility


What keeps you going in the challenging time to start positiv into your workingday?

Bartek Girgus: Freshly brewed coffee and new ideas flowing around.


You are Exhibitor at the Biz 2022, why are you at the Biz and what are your looking forward to?

Bartek Girgus: We are at Biz 2022, since we love to meet new people and to present them what and how we do. Each conversation at the fair broadens our horizons, gives rise to new ideas and sometimes results in cooperation.


Thank you Bartek Girgus!




Ask directly at the Biz Bartek Girgus from Event Up and learn more about the offers and possibilities that Event Up can offer you.  



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